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This month truckers across the US were honored during National Truck Driver Appreciation Week for the incredible dedication and hard work they put in every day to ensure everything, from food to pharmaceuticals and home goods to electronics gets delivered to our homes and businesses safely..... Read More >

How Jacksonville Port Authority (JAXPORT) is Taking Over Southeast Drayage

When it comes to logistics, America 1 wants to offer superior service, placing an outstanding network of logistics professionals and equipment right in the palm of your hands. Being based in Jacksonville, FL means access to one of the most affluent ports in the Southeast.... Read More >

The Pros and Cons of Being a Company Truck Driver or Owner Operator

If you’re a  truck driver, the time may come when you are faced with a question: should I drive for a trucking company or should I be an owner operator? Although the skill set is the same for both, there are several differences that truck drivers should be aware of.... Read More >

Everything you need to know about pallets

When it comes to logistics, pallets may not shine in the limelight as much as say, security systems or refrigerated trucks. But, it is a fact that they are detrimental to the supply chain. Without pallets, the ability... Read More >

The Different Types of Long-Haul Trucks - Which Do I Need?

When it comes to long-haul shipping, there are numerous truck options that can leave newbie shippers feeling plenty overwhelmed. Do I need a flatbed? What about a van? What are the differences and which one is right for me? Read More >

Let's Compare Crossdocking and Transloading

Crossdocking and transloading: when it comes to logistics, perhaps you’ve heard of these terms. Both work towards the same goal of streamlining the supply chain and saving on labor, inventory and distribution costs. Read More >

4 Tips to Keep Your Cargo Safe From Theft

They patiently wait and watch, binoculars in hand, as a truck hauling precious cargo parks for the night in an empty lot. It’s difficult to see, as the lighting is quite dim, but this is to their advantage. Why? Read More >

Shipping Containers are Being Turned Into Beautiful Houses

Who said shipping containers are only good for shipping? The basic shipping container has gone mainstream in recent years, and not because of its impeccable shipping capabilities. In fact, people are turning them into their dream homes! Read More >


So, you need to ship your precious cargo, but don’t know where to begin or how to choose the best method to save time, money and get peace of mind. Read More >


It's no secret that, for the last few years, the economy in Jacksonville has been pretty rough. Job opportunities have been thin on the ground and wages haven't kept up with inflation. While the economy overall has suffered, though, the freight and intermodal transport industries are booming! Read More >

A Beginner's Guide to Drayage

It's true that drayage and intermodal freight transport aren't terms you hear much in everyday conversation. In fact, you might never have heard of them in your life. The fact remains, though, that intermodal freight transport is responsible for a huge amount of the goods you buy, eat, and wear every day. Read More >

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