Heavy Load? How to Prevent Weigh Station Fines

A truck stops at a weigh station

Truck drivers often have to stop at weigh stations along their routes to ensure their trucks aren’t overweight. If so, a fine could be issued and that tends to land on the driver’s shoulders.

That’s no fun…so how can you avoid overweight fines when on the job? We give you our best tricks and tips to avoid dishing out your hard-earned dough.

Buy a Weighing Device

A convenient way to avoid fines and have peace of mind no matter what road you’re on is to invest in a quality weighing device. It’s essential to always keep it calibrated for the best results, but note that you probably won’t get an accurate reading.

Still, you can make an educated guess based on the result, and that gives you leverage to call up the shipper before your trip and share your concerns. 

Some shippers might agree to bear the cost of the fine if you receive one. Shippers can also contact the Department of Transportation to apply for oversized permits.

Invest in an Oversize Permit

As mentioned, your company can help with this, but you can also be prepared by getting information on how to obtain the permit yourself. Oversized permits give trucks that exceed 80,000 lbs the OK to move along on pre-specified routes.

The thing is, regulations regarding oversized loads vary from state to state, so it's imperative to call your state department to learn about the regulations and how to apply for a permit if you think this is will help. Generally, if you find that you're being issued overweight fines regularly, then this is probably an essential tool for your trips.

Businesses Should Take Preventative Action

It’s not fair for the driver to shoulder the cost of overweight fines. Businesses can implement certain measures to help drivers avoid them.

For one, training can be held to teach drivers how to weigh their trucks. You can also have oversized permits ready to go, just in case.

Keep all equipment and vehicles well maintained by inspecting them regularly. When freight is loaded into a trailer, make sure it is secure and the weight is distributed evenly throughout. 


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