5 Tips For Successful Cross-Border Shipments

Logistics professionals checking packages

With the continuous rise of eCommerce, consumers are becoming more widespread. Shipping across the US or even internationally is now a regular part of the supply chain. Understanding how to move goods swiftly and smoothly through customs is more important than ever. Here’s how you streamline the process and avoid delays!

Accurate markings and valuation

If you make a careless mistake with value declarations or markings, then expect your supply chain to slow down. This is an easy mistake to avoid. Check and double check information (especially on new products) to ensure that data is not missing or incorrect.

Always educate yourself

The logistics industry is constantly changing. Don’t get stagnant with the latest practices and technology. This is easy to keep up with, by implementing new habits such as reading reputable trade publications every day. You can even attend conferences and meet with other logistics professionals to bolster your network and awareness.

Use an alert system

Get automated email alerts set up on your communications system. This is handy for alerting the team when a shipment is delayed, whether in transit or at the border. It can help resolve many problems faster because everyone is instantly alerted and can act immediately.

Get out of your comfort zone

If you’ve never shipped goods to new regions or countries, it might make you feel a bit nervous. Instead of backing down from the unfamiliar, grab the reins and go for it! Reach out to customs professionals that can help you along the way and get informed on all regulations and requirements. This is a great way to immerse your company in new markets and expand revenue.

Stay positive!

If you only focus on the problems of your supply chain, it can really bring the work ambiance down. Sure, it’s imperative to pinpoint issues and resolve them, but don’t forget to bring attention to the successes! Not only does positive acknowledgement and praise boost team morale, but you can use streamlined shipments as learning tools to study what made the delivery so successful and whether those moves can be applied to future shipments.


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