Supply Chain Trends for 2019

Logistics trends

New year, new supply chain!

The best word to define the global transportation industry is “change” and in 2019, there is much to pay attention to when it comes to staying on top of trends and optimizing your supply chain.

With E-commerce challenging delivery deadlines and ramping up competition between manufacturers, more eyes are turning towards technology and expertise to meet consumer demand. How can you benefit? These 2019 logistical supply chain trends are emerging in a bid to keep the supply chain streamlined.

3PL companies are trusted sources for guidance

When consumers are now doing the bulk of their shopping online and business owners are competing for customers with promises of fast shipping (think 2 day shipping), how can manufacturers and shippers stay on top of such strenuous demands? What if you’re new to logistics and don’t even know where to start? It may seem daunting and impossible to get your business off the ground in the first place. To accommodate the changes brought on by E-commerce, no one knows the industry inside and out like a 3PL company. They stay on top of changes, because that’s what logistics is about, and they know how to analyze and plan accordingly to offer the perfect strategy for your shipping needs.

Reliance on technology is expected to rise

Trucking will take a more digitized approach to adapt to complex challenges with fast shipping demands. Innovative technology utilizing apps, the cloud and semi- autonomous fleets are predicted to become relied upon to heighten supply chain production without added mistakes and delays. Blockchain technology will help save time and money by increasing transparency with transactions, minimizing information disruption and reducing the need for paperwork. New payment technology will also make transactions safer and easier. More global use of debit and credit cards are one way, as well as the use of cryptocurrency.


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