All About Power Only Shipping & Why It's Beneficial

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You’re a shipper who’s got the right trailer, and it’s all loaded up with your cargo and ready to hit the road. The problem is, you don’t have a vehicle or driver to make the delivery.

No problem- you do some quick research to see how much it costs to buy a rig. But, the prices are astronomical and not only that, but you really only need to haul goods a couple of months out of the year.

You’re in a pickle. Or are you? You might want to consider a little something called Power Only Trucking!

What is power only trucking?

Power only trucking, also known as power only or power only shipping, involves renting the immediate services of a truck driver and their rig to pull a trailer of goods. This type of shipping is utilized by businesses that don’t have their own drivers or make minimal shipments yearly.

Why is power only shipping beneficial?

This is becoming a popular way to ship goods, especially for companies who don’t have the resources to make it happen.

As well, the costs associated with owning your own fleet can get pricey, and opting for power only services can help cut costs. 

There are many other benefits of power only trucking, such as…

  • Flexibility: Power only services are designed to accommodate all types of loads, whether you need a flatbed, HAZMAT, dry van or refrigeration.

  • Certified Driver: Sometimes it can be time consuming to find a certified driver. Power only services ensure that the driver is experienced and safe, with all of the necessary paperwork ready to go.

  • Heavy Haul: Power only is especially useful when a company has an oversized load to haul. The right equipment, truck, and driver can be matched up to fit the specific needs of your load size.

Power only isn’t for everyone, but if you’re a business owner who doesn’t ship goods very often, this could be a great service to consider in order to cut costs and save time. 


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