3 Tips For a Greener Supply Chain

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It seems as if everyone is making steps to “go green” in the business place these days. It’s for good reason. Not only are consumers becoming more aware of protecting the environment and making conscientious choices from whom to buy or work with, but it can help you as a business owner take a positive step forward for responsible practices. Best of all, when it comes to greenifying the supply chain- it can help save money.

Here’s our top 3 tips for revolutionizing your future with a greener supply chain.

Implementing rail

Intermodal drayage in Jacksonville is blossoming, especially when it comes to the use of trains to carrier shipments cross-country. The great thing about intermodal is that you rely on more than one mode of transportation to ship. Let’s face it, trains are way greener than trucks. They emit up to two-thirds less carbon dioxide than trucks and you save money on fuel. Use rail for the final leg of your shipment to go green, reduce the carbon footprint and save.

Optimize your warehouse productivity

The warehouse can be a huge contributor to greener workplace practices. You can start by sitting down and taking a look at the location and layout. How close are you to highways and ports? A closer proximity not only reduces fuel costs, but is more attractive to customers looking for efficiency. As well, you can adjust small energy uses, such as switching off light bulbs to use more natural light, and switch from fluorescent to T5 or T8 bulbs. These will not only save money, but they use up to 70% less energy than traditional bulbs.

Watch those doors

As a kid, did your dad ever nag you about keeping the doors closed because the energy bill will go up? Now you can finally put all that habit-shaping nagging to good use. Tighten up energy saving on your supply chain by refining truck doors and dock doors. It’s common for dock doors to open and close slowly, wasting thousands of dollars worth of energy in a year. Reseal doors and add more insulation to reduce temperature loss and save in the long run.


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