How to Excel at Being a Fleet Manager

A truck driver sitting in his truck with the fleet

Leader, motivator, problem solver. These are a few terms that can be used to describe essential qualities of a fleet manager. 

When you are responsible for the welfare of truck drivers in your fleet making successful deliveries across the country’s endless highways, it’s good to keep basic priorities and streamlined communication in mind to ensure a fleet works as a team. By putting certain priorities at the forefront, it also shows businesses that your fleet is dedicated and reliable.

If you’re a beginner when it comes to fleet management, use these tips to get started!

Safety first!

Truck driving requires focus, good health and defensive driving practices. When you’re on the road for long hours at a time, the risk for an accident increases. Factor in weather conditions and traffic, and it’s clear that drivers need to stay vigilant no matter the circumstances. It’s up to the fleet manager to stress the importance of safe driving. By scheduling regular safety briefings, rewarding safe driving practices and creating/updating protocols, it will help drivers stay mindful. As well, make it easier for them by updating OTR technology, such as tools (like gps or bluetooth) that promotes hands-free driving.

Truck maintenance needs to be consistent

When you’re a kid, your mom most likely had to remind you to clean your room. As an adult, most of us probably need a reminder to change the oil of our vehicles. The same goes for truck driving, especially with the amount of miles those trusty rigs undertake. By stressing the importance of regular maintenance, your fleet stays in tip top shape, preventing damages and costly fixes down the road. Get on top of maintenance by holding monthly inspections. Implement an automated reminder system by using cloud based fleet management software instead of the old school sticky notes. This makes it easier for you as the fleet manager to make sure reminders go out with little effort on your part.

Keep it motivational 

It sounds corny, but it’s important! Every team works best when they are happy and inspired. The fleet manager is the team cheerleader, especially when challenges arise that put the team under pressure. Give drivers incentives that help them focus on driver performance. For example, challenge them to cut fuel costs or demonstrate safe driving that earns recognition.


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