Money Saving Tips for Truckers on a Budget

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If you’re revamping your monthly spending and looking for ways to cut costs while on the road, look no further!

Whether you’re a company truck driver or an owner operator, there are plenty of tips and tricks to implement immediately. The key is to stay motivated and stick with your plan

You may have already cut back, but here is a detailed list of other smart money saving tactics- you might be surprised by some of the ways you can shave off a few cents!

Get digital with trucker apps

Holding a smartphone in a vehicle

The trucking industry is evolving, especially when it comes to technology. Truck drivers all over the country are utilizing apps on their smartphones and tablets to make life on the road easier.

Now, there are also apps that can help you keep track of your spending and find free or discounted services.

Here’s some of our favorites…

  • GasBuddy: This nifty app allows owner operators and fleets to share fuel prices across the nation. That way, you can find the lowest costs before reaching your next stop.

  • Cost Per Mile Expense Calculator: With this app, you can readily keep track of your expenses when on the road. This includes miles, income, and variable & fixed expenses.

  • Allstays: This informative app gives truckers access to an enormous trucking database to find a specific rest stop, restaurant, gas station and more. Search for the exact amenities you want- this app will pull up a comprehensive list suited to your preferences.

  • Lose it!: Staying in shape on the road is important for truck drivers, but that doesn’t mean you need to pay a monthly gym fee or sign up for a pricey meal program to do it. This app helps you track food intake and exercise. You can even connect with other truck drivers with similar health goals.

Get the most out of rest stops

There are tons of ways to save money at rest stops, with free services offered for truck drivers.

Use the apps above to learn about the different stops in your area and pick accordingly. Many stops offer free showers, WIFI, water fountains, exercise rooms and more.

A truck driver standing in front of two semi trucks

Do your own cooking

Not only is eating out costly, but it’s unhealthy. Instead, take the money you’d normally spend on restaurants and put it towards a mini fridge and electric skillet to keep in the cab.

Stock it up with healthy snacks before a trip and make it a point to cooking your own meals.

Coffee is another money gobbler. Instead of stopping to buy a $5 cup of coffee every morning, invest in a coffee maker for your truck.

Don’t be afraid to speak up

By simply asking about discounted services, you can shave off a few pennies and take advantage of benefits available for truckers.

To save cell phone data, always ask for WIFI passwords at rest stops, restaurants or gas stations. As well, numerous businesses offer CDL discounts- just ask!


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