How AI is Being Used to Optimize the Supply Chain

By now you’ve most likely been hearing about artificial intelligence (AI) and how it’s being integrated into many different industtires and even lifestyles in a multitude of ways. For example, now you can create art by punching in a computer keyword and letting AI come up with the original, unique graphic result. 

Even in the logistics industry, professionals are turning to AI for help when it comes to improving supply chain operations. But how? 

In this blog post, we discuss some of the ways AI is changing the supply chain game.

Inventory Management

AI is being used to make inventory management more accurate, which is important for ensuring a steady flow of products as they enter and exit a warehouse. The more streamlined inventory management is, the less risk there is for overstocking, inadequate stocking, and unexpected stock-outs. However, the mass data involved to stay on top of inventory can be challenging to manage.

AI is able to analyze and interpret huge datasets quickly, managing supply and demand in a timely fashion. Some AI systems can even give insight into future consumer demands, predicting trends that can help save time and money on overstocking inventory that isn’t popular.

Safety & Security

One of the biggest issues the supply chain faces is safety- especially in warehouses. AI is making it easier to monitor operations and reduce workplace risks by analyzing safety data and churning out reports that highlight improvements.

This constant feedback allows businesses to stay on top of safety and take proactive measures to keep their warehouses secure.

Customer Service & Workplace Operations

We are beginning to see AI being used to improve customer service, as well for handling workplace operations. Robots are able to work quickly without tiring, and can also work longer hours. This cuts down on accidents, errors, and improves productivity, leading to reduced costs.


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