3 Tips to Ensure Your Loads Are Delivered On-Time

The epitome of the perfect delivery is a safe one, made on time, without additional money spent. However, in the transportation industry this is easier said than done. America’s roadways are the wild west, and the truckers are the cowboys that frequent these unpredictable concrete lanes with skill and vigor.

From inclement weather to traffic jams and breakdowns, there’s no telling when a delay is just around the corner. That’s why it takes extra planning and creative problem solving to ensure delays don’t get in the way of an on-time delivery. 

In this blog post, we share 3 tips to ensure you nail that deadline every time.

Get the Right Technological Tools

If you’re still making phone calls to find out the status of your load, there are much easier ways in 2023. Supply chain management software programs and tracking apps can do so much, including sending real-time updates on location, location data, and ETAs.

Some apps are handy for keeping an eye on weather and traffic patterns, allowing drivers to choose alternative routes before getting caught up in the fray. 

Build a Solid Carrier Network

If you’re a shipper looking for a carrier that goes beyond your region into unfamiliar territory for a delivery, it helps to have your own network of carriers on speed-dial. These are carriers that you’ve worked with before and trust. They provide the services you need and have track records for delivering goods on-time. That way, if one carrier doesn’t work out, you always have a solid backup.

Check Your Truck

For drivers, you can reduce the risk of breakdowns by making a conscious effort to inspect your truck regularly. Things like tire pressure, brakes, and fuel can cause hazardous conditions while on the road. 

Make sure your tires are filled to the right level before heading out, have your brakes inspected by a mechanic for wear and tear, and get a fuel game plan that ensures your tank is ready to go before hitting the highway.


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