JAXPORT Welcomes First U.S. East Coast Container Service

A container ship sails on the open sea

Thanks to JAXPORT’s uncongested berths and new 47-ft deepening project, it was chosen as the port of call for its first US EAST Coast Container Service by Sea Lead, which will begin operating in May 2022.

The company behind the move is Singapore-based global ocean carrier Sea Lead Shipping Pte Ltd. The implementation of this rotation connects Jacksonville to four strategic locations in Asia: Nansha, Ningbo, and Qingdao in China, as well as Busan, South Korea. US rotations include Norfolk, VA; Newark, NJ; Charleston, SC; and Jacksonville, FL.

Beginning May 7 with the arrival of the 6,661-TEU container ship Hakuna Matata, the new service will circulate through JAXPORT’s Blount Island Marine Terminal every two weeks.

“We are delighted to introduce this new service and new destinations for our customers. Port congestion has been a challenge for everyone recently and the AEC will allow us to service ports that are more efficient for our customers,” Sea Lead Managing Director Cho Kit Wei told JAXPORT in an interview.

Indeed, with the supply chain crisis of recent months, many high-traffic ports in the US are facing container ship bottlenecks due to COVID, holiday shopping, and worker shortages. 

But not in Jacksonville. Global industry leaders are turning their eyes to the Southeast where lanes are wide open and the supply chain is rolling right along without delays.

According to a report by JAXPORT, Jacksonville’s prime location provides convenient access to more than 98 million US consumers. Shippers enjoy efficient benefits such as two-way river traffic, low truck turn times, and no delays at the sea buoy.

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