Is Your Supply Chain Ready For Black Friday & Cyber Monday?

Numerous containers at a shipping port

Even with the coronavirus pandemic changing up holiday shopping this year, experts predict that consumer holiday spending will still be higher than it was in 2019.

With that being said, how can supply chains prepare for the biggest sales of the season? We’ve got you covered, with 4 tips to make shipping and handling a breeze.

Get on top of your inventory

We all know how unpredictable 2020 has been regarding the economy, and well, with everything in general. You need to make sure your inventory is high enough to support sales, and that starts with going back and looking at your 2019 sales numbers. Use the prior year as a starting point to prepare your inventory. Keep in mind that there is a container shortage, which may lead to delayed shipping times- another good reason to get your inventory settled right away.


Remember that this year capacity is tight, so be vigilant when planning transportation. Whether you want to utilize LTL, intermodal drayage or reefers, know what works best for the products you’re shipping and the routes that will be crucial to expedite deliveries. Don’t be afraid to link up with a 3PL company if you’re feeling overwhelmed. A trucking company has access to certified drivers and carriers all in one place, taking the pressure of planning off your shoulders.

Upgrade supply chain technology

In 2020, technology is leading the logistics industry. Prepare for busy holiday sales by upgrading your supply chain technology to streamline all processes and cut down on errors. If you haven’t done so already, start by implementing a transportation management system (TMS) to rate, book and track freight. Implementing an ERP system helps with record keeping to cut back on paperwork and admin support.

Stay local

If possible, scope out warehouse storage as close to your customers as possible. This makes delivery time faster and easier to manage for the shipper, since inventory is already situated nearby. Turning to a 3PL company for storage is a good place to start, since they can connect you with a variety of warehouse services strategically placed for efficiency.


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