8 Benefits of Being an Owner Operator

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The trucking industry needs drivers, so if you’re looking to make a career switch, want more freedom and flexibility, or want lucrative opportunities with unlimited possibilities- the road just might be calling your name!

In the truck driving industry, there are company drivers and owner-operators. While truckers who work for a company drive a tractor-trailer supplied by their employer, owner-operators sign a contract and haul loads for a company using their own rig.

So why do some truckers choose to become owner operators? In this post, we highlight the 8 biggest benefits of driving your own truck.

1. You’re OVER desk life

Tired of wearing an ugly tie and staring at the walls of a cubicle? It may be time to switch up your life for a bigger, better life on the road. Being an owner-operator certainly has its challenges- as any job does- but you get to be more hands-on, with work that changes every day.

2. Flexibility & freedom

You can choose the loads you want to haul, where you want to go, and when you want to work!

3. You get to see new places

If you’ve always dreamed of road tripping around the US, how about getting paid to make that dream a reality? As an owner operator you’ll get to haul loads from coast to coast if you like, choosing your routes and traveling over some of America’s most beautiful scenic highways.

4. You’ll get to meet interesting people

Get ready to make new friends in all corners of the US! Wherever you go, you’ll be meeting friendly faces at truck stops, hotels, companies, distribution centers, restaurants...imagine the conversations and contacts you’ll be able to make!

5. You’ll always be challenged with room to evolve in your career

Being an owner operator is not all fun and freedom- you still have bills to pay. To get started, you need to be vigilant and assertive to network and build long-lasting business relationships. There will be challenges- but this is a good thing. You will never be bored or stagnant, instead, you’ll be growing and evolving to expand your success.

6. You choose who you work with

You’re providing the services, so if your business ideals don’t align with a provider, no problem- you don’t have to haul for them anymore.

7. Save on taxes

Owner operators benefit from numerous tax deductions that company drivers don’t get to enjoy. 

8. Earn as much money as you want

As an owner operator, you’re the boss! There’s no cap on the amount of money you can make, and owner operators can make more than company drivers. You have to work hard at it to ensure your business is running efficiently, but there are plenty of loads that need hauling, so you can always meet your financial goals.


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