Hapag-Lloyd’s AL3 European Container Service Takes Advantage of Jacksonville Efficiency

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Amidst the US port congestion that’s been plaguing the nation’s supply chain this year, foreign shippers are turning to Florida’s ports- specifically JAXPORT to avoid long wait times and idle containers.

Hapag-Lloyd’s Atlantic Loop 3 (AL3) European-US container service recently made its inaugural trip to JAXPORT in November to avoid congestion and has been returning for eight weeks.

The change in ports proved successful for the Hudson Express, and the crew was able to berth and get to work right away without any waiting vessels to consider and two-way ship traffic to and from berths streamlining the process.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the US has been experiencing an ongoing shipping crisis that is choking the economy. Container ships packed with containers are stuck at port, especially on the West Coast, which offers the fastest route from Asia where many shipments arrive from.

A rising demand for faster shipping of goods, peaking online orders, and a shortage of logistics workers all contribute to the congestion, as containers aren’t unloaded fast enough. 

Since containers are stuck offshore on container ships, this has also resulted in a shortage of containers.

Despite nationwide delays, Florida ports are still operating without blockages, and the Hudson Express is proof of this. 

The AL3 brings an estimated 8,000 additional containers to JAXPORT over the next couple of months since November, boosting local logistics and strengthening the Jacksonville supply chain. 

JAXPORT is Florida’s largest container port, and America 1 Logistics operates in close approximation offering a wide variety of services to and from the port. This includes intermodal drayage, transloading/crossdocking, warehouse storage, and more. 

If you’re looking to avoid port congestion and keep your supply chain moving, America 1 Logistics is ready to help you take advantage of the benefits of diverse transportation services for shippers in the Southeast US.





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