What is Drayage Service? A Beginner's Guide

Beginners Guide to Drayage

It's true that drayage and intermodal freight transport aren't terms you hear much in everyday conversation. In fact, you might never have heard of them in your life. The fact remains, though, that intermodal freight transport is responsible for a huge amount of the goods you buy, eat, and wear every day. Drayage is an important link in the transport chain, allowing goods to move from one freight system to the next safely, easily, and inexpensively.

What is Intermodal Freight Transport?

Intermodal freight transport is the transportation of goods in an intermodal container, commonly known as a shipping container. You know those big metal boxes you see piled on the backs of ships and hooked onto the backs of trains? Those are intermodal freight containers. They allow large amounts of goods to be shipped across long distances as efficiently as possible.

What is Drayage?

Put simply, drayage is shipping freight a short distance, usually from a shipping method to an intermediary. For instance, if goods come into Jacksonville through the port, and are scheduled to leave town on the backs of dozens of trucks, who shepherds the goods from the port to the warehouse? We do, and that's what drayage is all about. The name comes from the old days, when goods were transported on sideless carts pulled by dray horses.

If your business ships goods, you need a reliable, effective drayage service. Our years of experience in the transport industry allow us to offer quality drayage services at affordable prices with unmatched customer support. Contact us today and make sure your freight is in good hands, every step of the way.

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