This is Why Truck Drivers Choose Intermodal Drayage

A truck driver stands in front of his rig

In 2019, intermodal accounted for around 25% of revenue for US railroads, even beating out the reigning king coal. 

It’s no surprise as to why. Intermodal is fast, efficient and more eco friendly with less reliance on fuel. As the benefits of intermodal are becoming known, truck drivers in particular are choosing careers in intermodal drayage. 

Is it right for you? Here are a few reasons why truckers go the intermodal route.

The freight that never stops moving

These days, more and more shippers are discovering how efficient intermodal transport is, prompting a demand for truckers to move freight to rail ramps. 

Typically, pay comes from the amount of loads moved and the miles covered, so you don’t have to sit around and wait- the freight is there for the taking. 

Not only that, but bear in mind that trains aren’t delayed by rain, snow or traffic, further keeping the influx of loads rolling through on a consistent basis.

No loading or unloading

With intermodal, most truck drivers enjoy hauling “no touch” freight. This means that drivers are expected to do just that….drive. You can kiss those dollies goodbye! 

Better yet, many rail yards have a maintenance team on site, ready to offer assistance in case your chassis is acting up. It’s a reassuring benefit when you need help and can get it fast.

Feel like you’re part of a family

Intermodal means shorter driving routes for truck drivers. You’ll soon grow accustomed to the routes and rail ramps that you frequent regularly, not needing to whip out a GPS or plan navigation as stringently. 

Best of all, you’ll be working with familiar customers every day. You’ll learn their preferences and docking areas, optimizing the delivery process over time. It’s a great way to build experience and skills while feeling like you’re part of a family with your fellow intermodal team.

More down time at home

Since intermodal is always running 24/7 to meet the demand for moved freight, there tends to be more shift options for truck drivers to choose from.That means you can enjoy more flexibility when it comes to hobbies, family and freedom. 


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