8 Thoughtful Ways to Celebrate National Truck Driver Appreciation Week 2023

This year National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is September 10-16, and is a special time to show gratitude for the hardworking men and women who haul the essentials that keep our country moving. 

Truck driving is no walk in the park, and these hardworking professionals spend long hours on the road, away from their families, to ensure that goods reach their destinations safely and on time. 

So, how can you show your appreciation? We’ve put together a list of meaningful ways to celebrate our incredible truck drivers!

1. Personalized Thank-You Notes

Take the time to write personalized thank-you notes or letters to the truck driver(s) in your life. 

Whether you're a business owner, coworker, family member, or friend, a heartfelt message can brighten a truck driver's day. If you have children with a trucker parent, perhaps ask them to draw a picture to include with the letter. 

Post-it notes are a fun way to get creative. You could stick them inside the truck for a fun surprise that’s sure to bring a smile to a truck driver’s face.

2. Provide Meals

One of the simplest ways to show appreciation is by providing meals. 

Offering to cover a meal is one thing, but you can take it a step further by organizing a barbecue, catered lunch, or potluck at your workplace or in your community, inviting truck drivers to join in the celebration.

3. Show Small Tokens of Appreciation

You don’t have to go big to show you care! Consider giving small tokens of appreciation, such as branded merchandise like hats, shirts, or keychains. These items can serve as lasting reminders of your gratitude.

4. Share Their Stories

Give truck drivers a platform to share their stories and experiences. Share these stories on your company's website or social media pages to showcase the hard work and dedication of these professionals.

Not only does this put the spotlight on their hard work, but it also serves to break negative stereotypes and promote jobs.

5. Offer Discounts and Specials

If you own a business, consider offering special discounts or promotions exclusively for truck drivers during this week. 

This is especially a good idea for restaurants, gas stations, truck parking lots, cleaning, or accommodation. It's a practical way to give back and make their lives a bit easier.

6. Support Charitable Causes

Donate to or volunteer with organizations that support truck drivers or their families. Many charities provide assistance in times of need, and your contribution can make a significant difference.

7. Host Educational Workshops

Offer educational workshops or seminars that address the unique challenges truck drivers face, such as health and wellness, financial planning, or safety tips.

This is a great way to foster business connections and raise awareness for truckers and how they can find the support they need when challenges arise. 

8. Promote Driver Recognition Programs

If you're part of a business or organization, consider implementing driver recognition programs to acknowledge and reward outstanding drivers for their dedication and commitment.


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