How to Establish Yourself as a Reputable Company Driver

A driver smiling with his hands on the steering wheel

When it comes to success as a driver in the logistics industry, possessing certain qualities can really help you stand out from the rest and establish you as a reputable driver that all the companies will want!

How can you develop your professional persona in a way that molds you to be a positive force on the team? These top qualities are good to keep in mind!

1. Check off the basics

A good truck driver has met all of the requirements to drive, such as being at least 21-years-old and having a CDL. Strive to be proactive and complete all necessary training. This shows you’re always up-to-date and interested in learning new skills for your job.

2. Stay motivated

Motivation is key to being a truck driver, especially since you’ll be on your own most of the time. You’ll need to be an efficient self-starter that stays sharp and on top of paperwork at all times. 

3. Stay Healthy

A healthy driver is physically and mentally tuned in at all times. It can be tempting to hit the fast-food line for a big ol’ burger when you’re on the road, not to mention those long hours sitting in the driver’s seat living the sedentary life. Tweak daily habits for better health, such as getting at least 8 hours of sleep every night, drinking lots of water, and stocking up on healthy snacks.

4. Reliability

As a driver, there’s a whole lotta trust going around. Not only is a company trusting you with their truck, but another company is trusting you to haul their freight without any issues. Being reliable is one of the biggest ways you can make an impression- no one forgets someone who they can count on. Being on time, keeping communication open, and staying calm and courteous is a good way to start.

5. Know mechanical basics

As a truck driver, you spend countless hours on the road. At some point, you will experience the first of many mechanical mishaps. It pays to get basic mechanic training when it comes to simple fixes- this knowledge will come in handy. As well, you can always be prepared by staying on top of routine inspections and always doing a pre-check before embarking on a long trip. 


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