4 Ways to Find the Best Truck Parking

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When it comes to the biggest gripes concerning truck parking, many truckers might say that finding a place to park is one of the biggest struggles, especially overnight. That’s why it’s important to go into it with a plan, so when the time comes you’re rolling into your secured spot ready to relax instead of ending up somewhere less satisfactory, like on the shoulder of the road (NEVER park here!)

In this blog post, we give you 4 pro tips to find the best truck parking.

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

When it comes to snagging a nice parking spot, truckers need to know what’s available in the areas they’re traveling to. Different regions of the country have varying time zones, as well as parking availability.

Therefore, if you know you’re headed into a region with scant offerings, it’s probably a good idea to call it a day early on, or else it’ll be difficult to find a spot.

Some truckers opt to drive at night and rest during the day if they know the region they’re traveling through doesn’t have many parking options. It’s easier to find spots quickly in the morning when you’re done driving for the night and everyone else is heading out for the day.

Reserve Your Spot

Another clever move to make when searching for truck parking is to call truck stops along your route and try to reserve a spot early on. There are trucker apps available that actually make this process easier by showing where truck stops are located on a map and how many spots are available. 

Nab a Free Parking Spot at Rest Areas

To score a parking spot that doesn’t cost a thing, check out rest areas along your route. One of the biggest bonuses of rest areas is that they’re right off the highway you’re traveling on, making it easy to get on and off without hassle. 

In Florida, many rest areas will even display the number of spots available on a sign that you can see right from the road. 

However, anything free comes with a catch, and you can bet that you’ll be battling with other trucks, RVs, and family vehicles for a spot. That means it’s best to turn in early in order to stake your claim.

Keep Amenities in Mind

When choosing parking, don’t forget essentials such as showers, dining, and restrooms. Some parking lots offer extra amenities, and unfortunately some offer the bare minimum. Putting in the extra research to scope out parking with the amenities you need is helpful, as it cuts down the number of stops you’ll have to make if say, you want to eat at a restaurant.


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