How to protect Your Truck Tires From the Summer Heat

A truck drives on the road with a close up shot of the tires

It’s heating up this summer, and for truck drivers, that means paying extra attention to truck tires. It goes without saying that sizzling roads and rubber don’t mix, resulting in tire blowouts that can strand you on the side of the highway, or even worse- result in an accident.

The best way to protect your truck from tire blowouts this summer is to be prepared. Here’s how!

Know Your Tire Pressure

It’s important to know what the tire pressure of your truck tires should be. If you don’t know, consult with the manufacturer, as they should have the PSI ratings readily available for drivers. 

Of course, the trailer and load you’re hauling can have an impact on the PSI, which is where a load/inflation table comes in handy and should be regarded before heading out on the road.

Check and Double-Check

You’ll want to make checking your tire pressure a regular habit, particularly before heading out on the road while your tires are still cold.

Once you’re driving, the temperature heats up even after a few miles. Plus, you’ll want to take the driving surface, distance, speed, and load into consideration. You’ll get the most accurate reading before pulling out for your trip.

Invest in the Right Equipment

Technology is a beautiful thing, especially where safety is concerned. Manually checking your tire pressure isn’t the most logical solution, instead, invest in a quality tire pressure monitoring system to save time and get an accurate reading.

It’s Not Just About Tire Pressure

Bear in mind that the heat can also wear out tires in other ways, which is why it’s crucial to learn what to look for when checking your tires and determining how safe they are.

Do you notice sidewall cracks? Are the recaps separating from the tire? Notice any bulges or broken belts? If you do, then it’s time to take your truck in for maintenance, as these are serious signs of wear and tear that can result in a blowout.


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