4 Benefits of Driving for a Logistics Company With its Own Chassis

Tired of relying on a shared chassis pool in the intermodal sector? You’re not alone! A shared pool often leads to delays, especially for drivers waiting at the ramp or if a rig breaks down on the road. Containers get grounded, and that just doesn’t work when deliveries need to be made on schedule!

This is why it’s important to consider working with a logistics company that has its chassis in-house. Here are more benefits of in-house chassis services!


Think of it this way: the logistics company relies on its own team to track and supply chassis. This increases supply chain visibility and makes it easier to know exactly how many are available, and where a chassis is at any given moment, thanks to improved technology. A company can supply its own chassis at a ramp, ensuring a steady turn-over.


When there are no chassis available at the ramp, a driver can’t move until one becomes available- and there’s no telling when that might be! A grounded container means delays, and this most likely means costly fees. Time is of the essence, and those drivers need consistency to keep moving!

Reduced Downtime

With a decrease in delays, drivers can get to their destinations on time and pick-up new loads quickly. There’s no unexpected downtime, so the supply chain keeps chugging along. This means less costs and happy customers, not to mention your team becomes more efficient and reliable.


When the supply chain hits a snag, safety comes into play. For one, it’s not uncommon for a waiting driver to be delivered an older, heavier chassis with mechanical issues. But, since time is ticking, there might be pressure to go with it. As well, delays can put stress on grounded drivers, leading to long hours of driving without ample rest or they might feel inclined to speed

That’s why it’s important to streamline operations as much as possible, because every worker in the supply chain is affected. A logistics company with their own chassis makes a positive impact on performance and success.

At America 1 Logistics we have our own company chassis for our drivers, so if you drive for us you'll never have to worry about stressful delays while on the job! To learn more about what we offer truck drivers, give us a call!


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