Working From Home? Here Are 3 Tips to Make the Transition Smoother

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The current situation of the world has led to a huge spike of employees taking their work from the office to their homes.

At first, the idea of working from home brings a smile to the face. No rush hour traffic? Staying in your pajamas? Making your own schedule? Sure, there are many benefits to working from the comfort of home, but as well, it can easily get complicated if you don’t plan accordingly.

If you’re a logistics professional working from home for the time being, here are 3 tips to help you stay productive, healthy and happy.

Connect Daily

One aspect of working from home that many people don’t think about is the isolation. As the days drag on and you find communication with coworkers lacking, it might be time to get on a video call and have some chats. Plus, with everything going on these days, morale is important. When you wake up in the morning, send out a friendly “good morning” to let coworkers know you’re getting settled at your desk, virtually right alongside them. Whether you reach out via phone, email, video or message, keeping in touch helps battle isolation.

Create a routine 

Working from home can go 2 ways if time is left unchecked. 

  • You get distracted easily and productivity goes down the drain.
  • You become a workaholic who is plugging away on your laptop from dawn to dusk.

It’s essential to create a daily routine for your health and sanity! Set up a realistic plan that includes the work you’d like to accomplish. Break up your day with a work period in the morning and afternoon, then close up shop at the end of the day. Be reasonable with your time and make sure you take breaks, eat lunch (away from a screen) and stay active. Taking some “me” time can help you feel more satisfied, so pick up that book or work on that DIY project. It helps your brain to refresh and recharge.

Stand up & move!

How many hours have you been sitting at your desk? When you’re cozy in your pajamas with a warm mug of coffee next to you, it can be easy to let time slip away. Snap out of it and get moving! Exercise is more important than ever right now since we are at home, so warm up those muscles and get your blood pumping. Go for a walk, complete a quick 20 minute exercise video on YouTube or do some yoga stretches.


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