Stay Warm Over the Road this Winter

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Brrrrr it’s cold outside! But heros are in their long haul trucks and dry vans driving loads all over America’s highways to bring Christmas gifts to all the good boys and girls- even when it’s freezing outside!

It’s important to keep warm while driving, not only for health, but it’s obviously more comfortable. Here are some extra savvy ways for truck drivers to stay toasty this winter.

Truck Inspection

Inspecting the mechanics of your truck is more essential now than ever. Nothing is worse than having your rig break down on the side of a desolate highway because of frozen parts. Check out the engine and don’t forget to ensure the wipers are working properly, tires are full and fluids are topped off.

Heater tricks

If you sleep in your truck, turning it off overnight might seem daunting. You don’t want to run a heater and suck out the battery juice and you want to save on fuel. Try running the heater and fan on full blast a few minutes before bed to get the cab nice and warm. Or, invest in a space heater that plugs into an external power source.

Top notch bedding

Don’t mess around with thin blankets when it’s below freezing. Invest in a sleeping bag. We don’t mean the kiddie ones for sleep overs either. Opt for a heavy duty sleeping bag that is made for camping in extreme weather. Pile on a down comforter and you’re good to go.

Stay hydrated

Even in the winter time it’s easy to get dehydrated. You think about drinking ice water when it’s hot outside, but when it’s cold, it’s probably the last thing on your mind. That’s how dehydration sets in. Keep attentive and hydrated by constantly sipping on a water bottle. It should be with you at all times!


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