Why is Secured Parking Important for Truckers?

Trucks parked in a depot

Did you know there is a shortage of truck parking across the United States? It’s no secret that truckers are the backbone of the nation’s economy, working tirelessly to ensure the essentials we need are always stocked in stores. 


But life on the road can be tough for drivers. It’s not always easy to find a safe place to park overnight, making it dangerous if drivers must resort to parking on the shoulder of the road or on an off-ramp in order to get a few hours of shut eye.


But as we mentioned, there is a shortage of secured parking and storage available. Fortunately, this is starting to change, as logistics companies begin providing more amenities for truckers. America 1 Logistics is proud to offer secured parking and storage in Jacksonville, FL, so drivers always have a reliable place to pull over while in the Sunshine State.

Why Are Secured Lots Important for Truck Drivers?

Container parking is vital to increase safety and productivity on the road. Here’s why!

1. Sleep Deprivation

Truck drivers spend hours on the road. Sometimes, they end up in a desolate area where there aren’t a lot of resources available in case they need to pull over and rest. 

And, rest is so essential! Sleep deprivation can plague any driver who is trying to meet a deadline, and if they don’t have a secure depot to park, they might end up pulling over somewhere dangerous- like a dark lonely parking lot or on the side of the highway. 

Even worse, they might keep on driving while tired, which is highly dangerous. Container parking gives them a reliable place to stay put and recharge.

2. Cargo Theft

Theft is another hot issue since the risk is especially high for truck drivers. Thieves who prey on trucks are very crafty and are always developing new methods to get their sticky fingers on cargo.

It’s always recommended that truckers don’t stay idle for long, but of course, they need to sleep somewhere overnight from time to time. That’s why secured container storage is ideal. Security measures and surveillance is afforded, with plenty of lighting and activity to keep trucks protected.

3. Emergency Service

Drivers know to be prepared for the unexpected, but what happens when a truck breaks down in the middle of nowhere? 

With container parking readily available, drivers have more options for where to store cargo in case of an emergency. Sometimes delays happen, and that’s just life, but instead of racking up fees by keeping your cargo at the port, it can be moved to a secure location for a more affordable rate.





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