4 Tips to Keep Your Cargo Safe From Theft

Keep your cargo safe form theft

They patiently wait and watch, binoculars in hand, as a truck hauling precious cargo parks for the night in an empty lot. It’s difficult to see, as the lighting is quite dim, but this is to their advantage. Why? Because they are thieves, and tonight they plan to strike it rich by making off with valuable goods stored inside the truck’s trailer.

Cargo theft is increasing in the US. In 2014, a FreightWatch cargo theft report found that 90 percent of verified thefts occurred when a truck was left stationary and unattended, 87 percent of which had been parked at truck stops, public parking and on roadsides.

Those statistics are no laughing matter. It’s important to consider the security of your cargo to make sure it reaches its destination safe and sound. Don’t let sophisticated thieves get their hands on your goods. Here are 4 tips to keep your cargo safe and sound.

Keep your eyes open

Thieves are making cargo theft a priority, mainly because it’s easy to target unattended trucks in unpopulated areas. It doesn’t help that trailers can be easy to break into. Always be on guard and keep an eye out.

Get savvy by using tracking devices

Fleet tracking systems are useful for monitoring a shipment, but don’t focus solely on tracking the truck itself. Get creative with receiver placement. Add tracking devices to trailers and even inside the cargo itself- especially if it’s highly valuable. Geo-fencing is also handy for sending alerts if a trailer is moved from where it is stationed.

Mind where you park

Never leave a truck unless it is securely locked up and parked in a well-lit area. Thieves will hang out in empty lots with dim lighting, seeking out the unattended. With no one around and the dark of night to shield them, it’s easy pickins’ for them to make a move.

Learn to Think Like a Thief

Did you know that thieves will purposefully set off tracking alarms? They will do this multiple times to trick those monitoring cargo, leading them to believe that there is a glitch with the system. Once the guard is let down, then they strike. Don’t let thieves get the best of you, cover all the bases and always be alert with your shipments. Thieves pay attention to the small details and so should you. Do you sometimes forget the key in the truck ignition? Are the doors always locked and secured properly? Get into the habit of thinking like a thief to make sure your cargo remains untouched.

Want to learn more about security options? America 1 Logistics offers multiple secured storage locations so that you can rest easy knowing that your goods are protected. With numerous storage and protection plans available, we have a service that will meet your needs, no matter your budget. From simple storage to heavily-secured, Shorepower-enabled locations, we have the right facility for every job.

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