Thanking Truckers During Truck Driver Appreciation Week

This month truckers across the US were honored during National Truck Driver Appreciation Week for the incredible dedication and hard work they put in every day to ensure everything, from food to pharmaceuticals and home goods to electronics gets delivered to our homes and businesses safely.

The job of a truck driver is, without a doubt, one of the most challenging careers out there, as they navigate the vast network of highways and roads while thinking on their feet to avoid dangerous conditions and make time sensitive deliveries. Our nation depends on the trucking industry ten-fold and here’s why:

  • According to the American Trucking Associations (ATA) 3.5 billion men and women drivers deliver our goods on a daily basis. In fact, trucks handle more goods than ships, planes and trains.
  • The trucking industry is the bloodline of the American economy. Trucks are always moving, raking in about $650 billion worth of revenue annually.
  • Since trucks play such an imperative role in our economy, it puts the industry at the forefront of American politics. Trucking laws and regulations are constantly being changed or added in terms of road safety and driving hours.
  • With 84% of the economy dependent on the trucking industry, the demand for truckers is always high, making employment opportunities plentiful. Truckers are either self-employed, working for small trucking businesses or they are union drivers working for larger trucking businesses.

At America 1, we consider our dedicated fleet a part of the family and always look out for the safety and complete well being of our employees. We salute all US truck drivers this month for your unwavering support in keeping the nation’s economy moving successfully. Interested in becoming an American 1 truck driver? Contact us for more information!

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