5 Long Haul Trucking Myths Debunked!

A woman behind the wheel of a long haul truck

As if long haul trucking wasn’t tough enough, there are rumors and myths out there set to cloud this honorable profession, and we aren’t having any of it!

Truck drivers dedicate immense time, energy and risk to ensure products are shipped all over the globe. In fact, around 80% of freight is shipped via truck.

If you are looking at a career as a truck driver, but have heard some stories that have you reeling, just hold on and instead, READ on! We are going to debunk 5 of these myths right now.

Myth #1: Truck drivers don’t get to shower

This one is downright hilarious. How can anyone believe that truckers don’t get to shower? If you’ve heard this terrible misconception and are afraid of becoming stinky behind the wheel, know that most trucks come with a mini shower. As well, rest stops offer showers for truck drivers.

Myth #2: Truck drivers don’t make a good living

This is not true at all! Why do you think there are plenty of semi trucks on the road? The work is abundant and the business is lucrative. On average, a trucker can make up to $50,000 a year. Owner operators or those who just work hard can reach six figures if so desired.

Myth #3: Only men can drive trucks

A BIG nope to this one. True, women truck drivers only make up about 6% of the demographic when it comes to long haul driving, but women are just as suited for the job as men.

Myth #4: Truckers are not safe drivers

Actually, long haul drivers are some of the safest fellas on the road. This career is one that puts safety at the top of the priority list. Drivers go through extensive training to receive certifications that show they understand safety on the road. Long hours behind the wheel also lends to a ton of experience. They are prepared for just about any situation.

Myth #5: Truck driving is a lonely profession

Some might be deterred from a career in truck driving due to long hours spent driving with no one else around. Truck drivers are meeting people left and right, whether it’s at the distribution center, a diner, gas station or rest stop. Often times, they see these people multiple times on their travels and become friends. It’s always a grand adventure, allowing you to connect with other professionals all over the country.


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