Expert Tips for Finding Trucking Jobs in Jacksonville, FL

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In 2022, driving a truck is a lucrative profession due to the high demand for drivers across the US. There are many benefits to driving a truck, including sign-on bonuses, flexible schedules, generous benefits, and choosing the loads you want to haul. Not to mention, jobs are plentiful

Jacksonville, FL is one of the best locations to work in the logistics industry in the Southeast, thanks to its strategic location along the coast. 

JAXPORT is currently Florida’s largest container port, and one of the top 15 container ports in the US overall. Plus, major improvements to infrastructure, such as the recent completion of the deepening of the channel through the Blount Island terminal, are helping to expand the port’s global reach, especially in lieu of congested West Coast ports in recent months.

In other words, the future is looking bright for truck driving in Jacksonville! If you’re hunting for trucking jobs, it’s one location not to overlook. So how can you find the best opportunities in this industry? We give you invaluable tips in this post!

Job Boards & Forums

Of course, the internet is one of the main ways to find trucking jobs in 2022, as it is for many other types of jobs. The key is knowing where to look to find a wide variety of positions, including popular job sites and lesser-known, more local sites. 

Glassdoor and Indeed are two popular options, but check out these dedicated job sites that focus primarily on trucking jobs:

  • Layover
  • Gary’s Job Board
  • Jobs in Trucks
  • Class A Drivers
  • CDL Jobs

There are also online forums dedicated to truck drivers, and many times positions are offered or discussed. 

Social Media

Social platforms are also a clever way to find thousands of trucking jobs, as well as network with other logistics professionals. Many transportation companies now engage in social media, so you can get an idea of how they operate and what the work environment and company ideals are like.

Get started by searching for specific hashtags or looking up the companies you’re interested in. From there, you can expand your search and pinpoint specific jobs that align with your career interests.

Company Websites

Since drivers are in demand, numerous logistics companies post jobs on their websites with the convenience of applying online, directly with the company. 

If you already have a list of companies you are interested in, simply visit their websites to gather information on how to apply. If you can’t find information, but really want to connect with a specific company, don’t be afraid to shoot them an email to inquire about available positions with your resume attached.


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