Want to Maximize Costs? Put the Focus on Transloading

Man driving a forklift in a warehouse

Transloading services are an important part of the supply chain, primarily when shipping with intermodal drayage. When cargo is moved from rail to truck (or vice versa), the transloading area is where an experienced team uses forklifts, cranes and other equipment to ensure a safe, seamless transfer of freight.

If you’re a shipper looking for ways to maximize costs with your supply chain, transloading is one area where you can make small changes for faster, cost effective shipping. Here’s our tips on how to save!

Container Efficiency: Are you filling up those containers? Abiding by container rules and regulations, strive to consolidate as much freight as possible into a larger container. For example, the contents of three 40 ft containers can squeeze into two 53 footers. This can reduce costs greatly.

Use pallets: The idea is to save space, and pallets make that possible. When freight arrives at the transloading area, palletize cargo to make distribution handling more efficient.

Increase flexibility by being smart with customs: Ocean containers are usually cleared by customs at the final destination, but you can increase flexibility with handling by clearing it at the entry port of discharge. This also cuts costs because you won’t need to move a shipment in-bond.

Transload near the port of discharge: This eliminates the need for a distribution center, reducing handling costs and speeding up the delivery time without an extra stop.

Check container cartons: If your container is carrying more cartons than the allotted number, you could incur additional fees. Stay up to date on regulations to avoid paying more.

Consult a 3PL: By partnering with a 3PL logistics company, you can plan ahead with transportation professionals that know what to look for to help you cut costs and streamline transloading practices.


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