The Most Cost Effective Packaging Options

Multiple packaged boxes for shipping

Looking to cut supply chain costs for improved optimization? One way to do so is by focusing on packaging materials and practices. You might be surprised by what you find!

Are you using the right-sized boxes?

It’s not uncommon for product pickers to use a bigger box than necessary for packaging an item. This is a waste of space and money. 

Offset this by taking pictures of the packed boxes using a smartphone. Later, you can sit down and distinguish if this is something that can be addressed and improved.

Look at the little details

Too much stuffing? Too many plastic containers? Inefficient use of pallets? There are several key details to watch out for that can be improved to streamline the packaging process and shave off a few cents. 

Learn what they are and make sure your team knows too, so they can avoid these practices in the future.

Go for durable

Remember, around one-third of products get returned, so it helps to use durable packaging that can survive long transits and be reused multiple times.

Always recheck your freight classifications

It helps to do this periodically because classifications can change. Staying on top of it may help you save money on fees.

Train & test

Set aside time for training workers and testing prototypes to establish the most efficient ways to package goods. 

Not only can this help you zero in on the best method to save on space, but it can help you cut down on potential damages caused by poor packaging.

Get paid for your plastic or cardboard

If you need to dispose of plastic or cardboard, don’t just toss it- see if you can recycle it. There are companies that will come haul it away for free. Some may even offer cash for it. 

This is also a great way to recycle used pallets that are too damaged for shipping.


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