Is Short Haul Trucking Right for You?

A driver stands behind a loaded cargo van

Are you looking for trucking jobs and spied short-haul trucking as a logistics service? If you’re new to the transportation game, you might not know what it is. 

Short haul trucking involves transporting goods regionally or locally. Some drivers might prefer this instead of OTR trucking, as it offers many benefits for certain lifestyles.

In this post, we break down what short-haul trucking is, so you can get a better idea if it's the right path for you as a driver.

What is Short Haul Trucking?

Short haul trucking is the transport of goods within a 150-250 mile radius as opposed to long haul trucking, which operates over a 250-mile radius. Drivers operate vans or trucks, usually handling the final mile of a delivery. 

Comparing Short Haul vs. Long Haul

Short haul isn’t for everyone, but it does offer valuable benefits for the right driver.

For example, with short-haul, you get used to driving within a smaller area, so you become familiar with the roads. This allows drivers to pick and choose the best routes for seamless deliveries, especially if there are delays caused by traffic or weather.

This is different from long haulers, who must drive hundreds of different highways across the country. It’s more unfamiliar, and therefore unpredictable. You must always be prepared to find a new route in case of an obstacle.

But probably the biggest benefit of short-haul trucking is the work/home balance. While long haulers are sometimes gone for weeks, short haulers can look forward to sleeping in their own beds at night. You get more time at home, which is great if you have family or pets.

Short-haul truck driving jobs in Florida are also in demand. There is plenty of work to go around and a variety of loads that need hauling. Truck driving is one of the few lucrative careers that require a college degree. 

You can get started down a new career path that allows you to travel and meet new people, and still be home in time for supper.


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