2019 Christmas Gift Ideas For The Logistics Professional In Your Life

House and semi truck in the snow

Let’s be real- at this time of the year, despite how busy work may be as loads are being delivered and we’re all working furiously to wrap up projects before traveling to meet family- Christmas is on the brain!

What are you planning to get that logistics professional in your life? There are tons of handy gadgets and thoughtful gift ideas that will surely make them smile. Here’s a list of our favorites!

1. A Portable Safe: Safety is a big factor for truck drivers. Security measures are important, especially around the holidays with the heightened risk of cargo theft. A portable safe is the perfect gift to give a truck driver extra peace of mind.

2. Seat Cushion: Long hours sitting while making deliveries on the road can lead to discomfort and sore muscles. Get your favorite trucker a comfy seat cushion to help alleviate aches and pains.

3. Audiobook Subscription: Audi books are awesome, because they promote safety (less distraction) and help quell boredom when driving for long periods of time. Your trucker will love an audiobook subscription!

4. Shower Kit: A great Christmas gift is one that gets used. Enter the shower kit- an oldie, but a goodie. Your trucker can stay so fresh and so clean clean over the road with a handy, portable shower kit.

5. Custom Gift Basket: Show your thoughtfulness by creating a special gift basket from scratch. Include all of your trucker’s favorite things, such as (healthy) snacks, chargers, clothing, coffee/tea or gift cards.

6. Swiss Army Knife: If they don’t already have one, a Swiss Army knife is one of those tools that you don’t know you need, until you have it...and then you use it for everything. Travel of any kind is not complete without one of these!

7. Portable Coffee Machine: Coffee...you can’t go wrong. Get your coffee connoisseur a portable machine to make life on the road warmer and cosi-er.

8. Mini Fridge: Drayage is all about go, go, go as deliveries need to be made and deadlines need to be met. Boost the convenience of your trucker’s life by surprising them with a mini fridge for easy snack and beverage access, no matter where they are.


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