JAXPORT Avoids National Supply Chain Bottlenecks, Increasing Demand for Drivers

Container shipment pulling into port

As consumers order more products, cargo is piling up, and companies are racing to build more ships...a feat that can take several years to accomplish.

You might’ve heard about the shipping crisis happening right now at major ports around the country. Supply chain bottlenecks in states such as California are causing major delays of goods coming from Asia.

Traditionally, California offers the quickest route for cargo ships, but with supply chains still reeling from the pandemic and the demand for two-day shipping, they just can’t keep up.

However, Florida is bypassing the bottlenecks and stepping into the spotlight with a solution for global shippers: forget the West Coast- come to the East Coast instead, specifically the Sunshine State.

According to a statement released by JAXPORT:

“Throughout the pandemic, there has been no wait for vessels to get into JAXPORT and we have ample space at our docks to handle ships as soon as they arrive.

JAXPORT’s diversification of trade lanes helps shield us from extreme impacts due to volatility: because ships calling JAXPORT sail to and from destinations around the world, we are able to adapt more easily to disruption in a particular trade lane (in this case, Asia) than a port that is reliant on one particular trade lane or cargo type.”

In turn, this is triggering a huge demand for logistics workers, namely truck drivers in Florida. Trucking jobs are plentiful, and CDL driving schools are reporting that students are securing jobs before they even graduate.

According to a statement made by Roadmaster Drivers School president Brad Ball for WKMG, students are almost guaranteed a truck driving job within 24 hours of completing the course.

As well, the rush to fill positions is leading to companies dangling lucrative benefits and robust sign on bonuses in front of drivers.

And with the holidays looming, there’s an even greater push to get drivers signed on! 

If you’re on the hunt for a rewarding career that takes you places (literally and figuratively), America 1 Logistics is looking for truck drivers in Jacksonville, FL! Give us a call today to learn more.


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