Tips for Truck Drivers During the Holidays

Tips for Truck Drivers During the Holidays

With the holidays in full swing, truck drivers are working hard to make sure our presents get delivered on time. The winter months can be emotionally trying, dealing with long hours on the road, loneliness and inclement weather. It’s important to take physical and mental health into consideration when hauling shipments cross-country, not only for well being but to enjoy the holidays safely and happily.

Don’t overdo it

Christmas is a time to take off work and spend time with the people we care about most. It’s also a time to take advantage of available work shifts and running those unwanted routes. Everyone celebrates the season differently, but whatever you choose to do, especially if that means picking up extra work, take care not to overdo it and stay safe while on the road.

Know the season

By that I don’t mean buying the perfect Christmas tree or knowing what Christmas is all about. Drayage demands tend to crank up during the holidays and slow down afterwards. Use this knowledge, along with your company’s policies, to plan when you want can drive and when would be the right time to take off and be with family.

Ask for help

The holidays can become stressful and frustrating if you’re handling heavy workloads on your own. It’s important to take care of your mental well-being during the winter months by knowing when to stop and rest, and also when to ask a coworker for help when times get tough.

Stay in touch

It can get lonely out on the road when you know everyone is at home with loved ones celebrating. With today’s technology, it’s easier than ever to stay connected. Keep in touch with family and friends through Facetime or Skype, make a personalized video or create online Christmas cards with photos and music to share.


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