The Importance of Truck and Trailer Washouts

 Truck and Trailer Washout

It’s time to get up close and personal, truck drivers. It’s time to discuss the cleanliness of your truck. Running to the hose with a bucket of soapy water may not be high up on the list of immediate priorities, especially with miles to drive, long hours on the job and meeting the demands of the intermodal supply chain. Still, there are some seriously vital reasons in which upgrading your vehicle’s regular cleaning schedule can make a big difference for the business you do, and here’s exactly why.

It just looks better.

Simply put, keeping your truck and trailer washed on a regular basis is going to turn heads while out on road, not to mention while out on the job. It’s important to keep a clean profile, and while we state that it “just looks better,” consider how it will look for your reputation within the trucking community and logistics industry as a whole. Showing that you care for the upkeep of your carrier also gives some insight into how you might care for the well being of the goods you are shipping. These are details that shippers, manufacturers and potential business prospects notice!

Spot problems sooner.

Keeping your reefer or van clean is also a preventative measure, as it reduces corrosion and also makes it easier for technicians to spot other issues, such as chaffing lines, electrical issues, cracks and damage to components- these are hard to notice if covered in grime! Overall, regularly cleaning your truck is going to extend it’s lifeline, making your investment a solid and reliable one.

Prevent contamination of goods.

A trailer washout is about more than just good looks and clean smells- it’s highly important in preventing cross contamination in goods, mildew, mold and insect infestation. This is especially imperative if you ship refrigerated cargo, such as food and pharmaceuticals! Implementing a washout once to twice a month- a thorough washout, not just spraying down the trailer with a hose- will help reduce these risks and improve sanitation considerably.


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