Smart Shipping Tricks for Hot Weather

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Summer is here, and in Florida that means the temperatures are getting hot, hot, hot!

Shipping goods, especially perishables during these scorching months is tricky business. In order to preserve the quality of climate-sensitive cargo, some extra planning goes into the shipping to ensure you don’t end up with a sticky mess of chocolate or spoiled products. That’s money down the drain!

Luckily, there are plenty of tricks you can utilize to protect your cargo from the heat. Here are some great ideas to consider before your next shipment takes off under the sun.

Bring on the ice

We’ll start with the old school method of keeping things cool- a fat pack of ice. It’s fast, easy and does a great job at keeping its surroundings cooled down. The only factor to consider is that it ups your spending since you also have to pay for ice packs.

Choose your shipping day wisely

Some days of the week are better to ship than others, mainly because of the time factor. For instance, if a package is shipped on Friday, chances are it’ll sit idle over the weekend. That’s not good news for perishables since they need to be delivered ASAP. Plan accordingly by letting customers know that orders placed on Thursday or Friday will be shipped on Monday.

And obviously, you’re going to want to opt for expedited shipping.

The best packaging materials for the heat

There are certain packaging materials that withstand the heat better than others and keep goods preserved. Shipping boxes that have plastic foam insulation and frozen gel packs are perfect for minimizing air in a space while keeping goods at a solid temperature. It also seals better.

Use a refrigerated carrier

If your cargo has a long journey ahead of it, plan accordingly by hiring a refrigerated van or reefer. These containers have temperature controlled settings, so while traveling over the road, perishables are kept at a consistent temperature for maximum freshness.


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