Shipping Your Car? What You Need to Know!

How to ship a car

A car is one belonging that most people invest ample time and energy into ensuring it has the proper care needed for a long life on the road. You may wash your car regularly, take it to the shop for a mechanical check up or keep it in the garage for impeccable preservation.

A car is a valuable investment and a necessity for day to day life in America. So, when the time comes that you need intermodal drayage  to ship it across the country, the thought of your precious baby being loaded and handled may cause some serious nail biting. If you know what to expect though, you’ll feel confident that your car is in good hands moving from point A to point B. Here’s what to know when shipping your car.

Find the best shipper for your budget

You don’t have to go with the first shipping company you stumble across. Take some time to research different 3PL’s to find one that you feel is reliable, offers the services you need and won’t break the bank. Some companies will give you a free quote on services right away, a good way to compare. Or, you can list your car and take bids.

Are they reputable?

Does the shipper have insurance? Are they licensed? These are important factors to consider when looking for a worthy 3PL. Haulers must be registered with the Department of Transportation, along with having other vital documentation and authority. Do some digging on Google, the Better Business Bureau or don’t hesitate to inquire while searching companies. Don’t forget to check liability- expect carriers to offer from $50,000 to $250,000 in insurance.

Prepare your car for the journey

There are a few steps to take when preparing your car for the long haul. If your car is a collector’s model or expensive, ask for a closed reefer or request for top loading. It might be a bit pricier, but your car will be well protected from the elements and road debris. Before your car is loaded, take pictures from all sides and angles and inspect for any exterior and mechanical issues. Hopefully you won’t need to whip out those photos after the delivery, and the rate for mishaps is low, thankfully, but it still never hurts to be prepared.

Safety first

Your car is almost ready to go! Keep safety and cost in mind by factoring in weight and fuel before it’s loaded up. Go through your car and remove everything- loose gadgets, valuable items. Not only does this reduce weight, but it clears the line of sight when being handled and saves objects from tumbling around and breaking. Make sure to leave a quarter gas in the tank as well, as recommended for safety.


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