Safe Trucking Tips for Hurricane Season

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It’s hurricane season and for Florida, it’s a time of careful preparation, not only for homes and families but with businesses as well. When it comes to intermodal drayage and the supply chain, the show must go on. But, making sure your reefer truck and shipping equipment is properly protected during a big storm is something every truck driver should be well versed in. Here are some tips to get you primed and prepped for hurricane season.

Wind Guard

The incredible wind power generated by hurricanes, even small ones, can have devastating consequences for truck drivers that can be costly. Strong winds can flip a dry van or reefer, even a tractor trailer. Damages can be caused even if the vehicle is parked. Before a storm hits, don’t take a chance. Make sure your truck is safely parked and covered. Never park your truck near a tree!

Be On Watch

If you’re on the road when a storm is approaching, it’s vital to pay close attention to the news and weather warnings. Hurricanes can change course quickly, weakening or strengthening. When you are on top of the latest developments it’s easier to plan and prepare, whether you need to take a different route or delay shipping in a particular area.

Look Out For High Water

Ok, so we all know this one is a no brainer, but still- standing water can be tricky- never assume it’s not as deep as it seems. Don’t underestimate the size of floating branches and debris either, below the surface, dangers can lurk that can damage your truck. Steer clear of high water in the road and always keep your eyes trained for oncoming hazards. If you’re unsure, stop and wait until the storm has passed.


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