Intermodal Agents: A Complete Overview

Intermodal Agent

The logistics industry is growing and as manufacturers and shippers move towards more environmentally friendly methods to transport goods, intermodal drayage- the use of multiple modes of transport to ship (trains and trucks)- is gaining traction with less fuel costs and the ability to move more at once with a train. The demand for intermodal agents is on the rise….but what do they do exactly?

What is an intermodal agent?

Intermodal agents are responsible for orchestrating the import and export of freight and cargo coming through warehouses, stockrooms or shipping and receiving stations along the supply chain. Time is of the essence, and money is at stake, so intermodal agent ensures all shipments are being handled and transported correctly with accurate data.

What are the responsibilities of an intermodal agent?

When you’re overseeing a diverse range of shipments coming in from planes, trains, trucking terminals and shipping docks,intermodal agents must possess the abilities to work under pressure and problem solve effectively. Some duties of intermodal agents include:

  • Monitor the pickup and delivery of shipments to ensure it’s on schedule.
  • Handle all paperwork and fees for shipments, including customs and tariff forms for international cargo.
  • Mapping out the most efficient shipping methods and routes and coordinating with shipping and freight companies to establish a sound supply chain.
  • Keeping up with clients on processes and payments.
  • Tracking shipments and keeping all involved parties informed on the delivery status.
  • Organizing the records and tracking missing shipments.

Do You Think a career as an intermodal agent is right for you?

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