Three Important Tips for Choosing a Warehouse

Important Tips for Choosing a Warehouse

Warehouses are an integral part of any supply chain. Choosing the best establishment to store goods requires careful research and consideration of your cargo’s unique needs. You want to make sure the location of your chosen warehouse is located where most of your client base lives and where business occurs. It’s also important not to overlook security measures to prevent theft and destruction. America 1 Logistics has several storage and security plans to help you get started. Here are some vital tips to always keep in mind also.

The location

The last thing you want is for delays to occur and for money to be wasted . That’s why the location of your warehouse is critical for keeping the supply chain moving steadily. Focus on a region where the majority of your customers live and deliveries end up. It’s also important to note the warehouse’s proximity to an intermodal center. Is there as major seaport or rail ramp nearby? How about traffic on the interstate? Zero in on costs by calculating the distance from the time a product arrives to when it's shipped and delivered. A conveniently located warehouse is essential for fast progress, saving you headaches.

Building structure and lease

How much space do you need? Is rail siding and transloading offered? How many containers will come through each month? Asking yourself these questions will help shape a mental picture of what to look for when it comes to warehouse amenities. How much space or how long you need to use a warehouse can affect the conditions of your lease as well. Ask about various security plans on offer and and how well protected your cargo will be. Do your research and check out all of the different options available in your area of interest. America 1 offers simple, heavily guarded or Shorepower-enabled locations.

Hazmat materials

When it comes to storing Hazmat materials, flammable objects or cargo that needs temperature control, such as food and medications, extra precautions must be taken with warehousing to ensure safety. It’s not uncommon for manufacturers to place strict requirements on Hazmat materials in regards to handling fire or how certain products should be stored. Distribution centers can offer refrigerated or temperature controlled storage for perishables.


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