How to Best Utilize the Services of Your 3PL Provider

How to Best Utilize the Services of Your 3PL Provider

The demands and technological advancements of domestic and international logistics is constantly evolving, making it extremely essential for businesses to keep up without faltering on service and performance. Nowadays, working efficiently with a third-party logistics (3PL) provider is more important than ever, and when you choose a company, there is much to consider besides services rendered. Are  you looking for a niche provider? Focusing on a specific geographic reach? Here are some ways to best utilize 3PL services to reach your business goals.


Don’t have a 3PL, but you’re ready to join forces with a capable provider? Your partnership begins with ample and thorough research. Always check track records and references pertaining to the services you need. Draft a checklist that outlines your business goals and the most necessary services to reach them.

Choose a 3PL that is technologically advanced

A good 3PL provider is attuned not only to providing excellent service, but to their customers peace of mind as well. Go with a provider that stays informed on the latest industry technology, and invests in it to keep service streamlined. Especially check the security technology offered, as this is highly important to ensure the safety of your goods.

Trust and Communication

In the world of logistics, massive changes can occur suddenly, and your 3PL needs to not only understand your business, but be able to adjust quickly and accordingly in its best interests. That means keeping the lines of communication open, understanding your goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) and being versatile when it comes to geographic regions and new services.

At America 1, our years of transportation and logistics experience allow us to provide top-quality shipping, freight, and drayage services at unbeatable rates. We know what shippers need, which is why we pride ourselves on offering flawless service at a price that will fit any budget.If you would like to request a quote or you are a carrier interested in partnering with America 1 Logistics, please contact us!


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