Everything You Need to Know About Intermodal Drayage

Intermodal Drayage

So, what’ the deal with intermodal drayage? According to the Association of American Railroads (AAR), in 2014 US intermodal rail volume spiked to 13.5 million containers and trailers, the highest reach yet to be recorded. But, what is intermodal drayage and why are manufacturers turning to this modern day transport combination of rail and OTR trucking to fulfill their logistics needs?

Intermodal Drayage: More than One Mode

It’s becoming a well-known fact that relying on more than mode of transportation to ship a container is proving more efficient, not only by saving time and money, but by eliminating the pressure of finding a solution when one mode doesn’t work out, and also, by reducing the carbon footprint. Intermodal utilizes sea, rail and truck to cover distance, instead of relying on just one mode. Drayage refers to the transport of cargo over a short distance by truck, or as part of a longer distance.

Go intermodal.

High gas prices, driver shortages and changing House-of-Service rules and safety regulations has made the sole dependence on trucking unpredictable, hence the reason shippers are getting creative to keep the supply chain rolling strong without delays. A shift in priorities is emerging, with a blossoming focus on reliable, secure, environmentally friendly and cost effective ways to move precious cargo smoothly and safely- with trains.

From revamped rail lines geared towards intermodal use to new intermodal terminals popping up around the country and the improvement of tracks and the rail infrastructure as a whole, the popularity surge of trains used in logistics is apparent. Trains cover longer distances faster, carrying large amounts of cargo in one trip and using less fuel than trucks. But, trucks aren’t disappearing altogether. From rail ramps to the destination or warehouse, long haul trucks are filling the gap, showing great efficiency for shorter distances.

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