3 Reasons Why You Should Work in Jacksonville for Logistics

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Considering a career change or looking to take your career as an intermodal professional to the next level? Jacksonville, FL could be the fresh start you need to jumpstart professional passion- especially when it comes to the logistics industry.

It’s true that when you live on the First Coast, you get beautiful beaches, warm weather and a diversified community that makes for a dream lifestyle. But, when it comes to intermodal drayage, Jacksonville is one of the leading cities of the Southeast. Here’s why!

Jacksonville’s Stellar Geographic Location is Getting Noticed

In proximity to over 60 million consumers in the Southeast (and that number is growing as more people move here), businesses are recognizing the potential of Northeast, FL.

Since consumers and businesses choosing the First Coast as their destination for living and business, this is opening the doors for opportunities, particularly in transportation. One such example is Amazon.com, which opened two large fulfillment centers in Jax in 2017 and created thousands of jobs.

It’s a location that can’t be beaten. With numerous transportation nodes being developed and streamlined every year, logistics in the region is becoming simpler and more cost-effective.

JAXPORT is Investing and Growing

Automobiles, containers and tonnage- OH MY! Yep, that’s right. JAXPORT experienced rapid growth from 2016 to 2017, and it ain’t stopping. This past year, more than a million containers were distributed through this burgeoning seaport, thanks to the Asian container trade.

Also, increasing vehicle shipments spurred the construction of three new auto processors at JAXPORT, which include Southeast Toyota Distributors, AMPORTS and Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics.

The port made a huge splash in the news with the announcement of the approved deepening of the Jacksonville shipping channel to 47 feet, which will be able to accommodate mega ships.

This is only the beginning! In 2016, Jacksonville was named as one of the top cities for intermodal access by Global Trade Magazine after the confirmation of the $484-million deepening project.

It’s the City to Study and Work

Let’s get back to the beauty of Jacksonville. Whether you’re a working professional or a student, you can thrive in the logistics sector with the resources this city offers.

The University of North Florida boasts one of the top acclaimed logistics programs in the nation, making it a promising atmosphere for young graduates to receive an exceptional education and find jobs after graduation.

For those in the workforce, Florida already enjoys a pro-business reputation, which puts innovation at the forefront along with avid infrastructure advantages.

What are you waiting for? Come to Jacksonville to find a life under the sun with opportunities in logistics that aim for the future.


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